These People Are Amazing!

These people are amazing! They opened their arms and hearts to my son and I am truly blessed to have them! My son has had so much growth since seeing them. He loves going and I love bringing him knowing they care so much about my sons improvements!


Could Not Have Asked For Better People And Friends

My daughter has accomplished so much since she started receiving therapy services at Little Hands at Play. I believe that is because of her therapists’ dedication to their jobs and love of helping children. They have rejoiced in the good times and found new plans in the questioning times. We could not have asked for better people and friends to start this therapy journey with!


The Staff Is Super Sweet

My daughter frequently goes, she has it twice a week. The staff is super sweet to not only the children that get therapy. But the babies in the lobby waiting for their slibings to be done, they are helpful with the parents that have questions and if there is something that your child needs help with they will add it to his or hers goals. We’ve been going for the last two years and I love it there.


Our Kids Are in Good Hands!!!!!!

Today was our first day and while we was waiting there was more kids coming in for therapy . And once their therapist came out they run to them ?? & waved back saying “ Bye mommy & Daddy “ with a big smile on their faces ❤️❤️ makes me so happy that our kids are in good hands!!!!!!


Absolutely Love Everyone Here!

We absolutely love everyone here! Our daughter has accomplished so much. They definitely are family to us!


Already Seeing Improvements

My daughter has been going there for about a month and a half now and I’m already seeing improvements.  They are all so amazing and sweet! 


This Place Is AMAZING!

My one year old daughter went to Little Hands at Play Therapy and graduated!  This place is AMAZING!  Sara was her therapist and the one that actually figured out what was wrong and got her fixed up!  I will forever be thankful and grateful for Sara and the rest of the staff!  ❤️


Helped Her Thrive And Accomplish So Much

My daughter has done therapy services here for almost a year and just recently graduated! To say we are grateful would be a huge understatement. Rachel and Sam loved on our baby girl for months and helped her thrive and accomplish so much. We will always consider the staff of Little Hands a part of our family.


Truly Care About The Kids!

My son loves little hands at play! They are all so friendly, & truly care about the kids! We are so blessed to have a therapist as good as Ms. McKayla!


Entire Healthcare Team Are Professional And Caring

Jennifer’s entire healthcare team are professional and caring. They respond to our physical and emotional needs with amazing compassion and empathy. I understand what we’re going through it’s a major challenge, and it can be tough, however, they provide great resources, offer reassurance, flexible with our schedule, understand us well, and listen actively in order to target our goals to see our little man succeed. I just love them. Thank you all for being AMAZING!